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Buy Weed Online Australia

Welcome to Aussie Weed Shop, a one of a kind cannabis shop serving all of Australia and New Zealand. You can buy weed online from our weed shop anywhere within Australia and expect delivery at your address. Since opening our weed delivery service in Sydney, we have been slowly growing to not only encompass Sydney, the whole of NSW, Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand as well.
Ordering weed online from anywhere in Australia through our weed shop can be done in a few simple steps. Our customer service agent is always on hand as well to answer any questions you might have. We have Same Day Delivery service for customers within Sydney, ensuring our customers get the very best of our weed delivery service.

Magic Mushrooms

Why Buy Psilocybin in Australia from Us

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Magic mushrooms (also known as shrooms or mushrooms) are a type of mushroom that contains the drugs psilocybin or psilocin. Magic mushrooms can be consumed in several ways;
– eaten raw or cooked;
– ground up and used to make tea or mixed in a beverage;
– swallowed as capsules;
– sniffed up the nose (snorted), when in a powder

When you buy magic mushrooms in Australia from us, we provide a detailed guide on how get the optimum shrooms experience. We equally provide our customers the safety of consuming psilocybin in healthy and recommended doses. For customers looking for emotional and mental clarity, creativity boost, we are here to help.

Buying Weed in Australia FAQs

Which states does Aussie Weed shop deliver to?

Our weed shop delivers to all states in Australia (NSW, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and South Australia). We equally deliver weed to Auckland and all of New Zealand

Which products on your menu are available for delivery?

Our cannabis products currently available for delivery includes; THC edibles, cannabis strains, THC vape juice, THC cartridges, weed cans and THC concentrates. We equally as of October 2022, sell and deliver magic mushrooms within Australia ad NZ.

What happens if I my order fails to arrive?

We have a 10 days Refund Policy for all orders not delivered within 10 days of dispatch. Customers equally have the possibility to request for a Reship of their order at no cost.

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